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The Bredda Brothers

The Bredda Brothers – Saturday August 24th from 8.30pm

The Bredda Brothers original Sean Martin and Benji Guerrero met on a chance busking session on the streets of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. The next day they began playing gigs, allowing other talented muso’s to join them at times they eventually recruited more musicians who had decided they’d start to bring the love of good music to the people all over the world!
The Bredda Family has inluded many different musicians including Elijah Bellerose, Max Ornate, Jordy Holden and Ryan Munro and their has even been impromtu jams with DJ Derek Azevdeo.
They currently play with Justin Heydon (vocals and acoustic), Vinnie Heike (Bass), Benji (drums) Guerrero, Lachlan Dwyer (Sax and Drums) and Sergio Villa (guitar) at a variety of cover and original gigs and always connect the crowd to dance and sing. Meanwhile co-founder Sean Martin is playing solo in Cairns and exploring new territory. They plan to soon meet again for gigs with all of the crew and release more original music.

Bredda Brothers