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The Notable Nip Tour

Catnip + Duncan Woods & The Notable Few – Friday February 16th from 8.30pm

Newcastle based group Duncan Woods & The Notable Few are teaming up with their local band Catnip to tour the north coast of NSW and the south coast of Queensland in February of 2018.

These two groups have played a number of shows together in Newcastle but are heading north to take the show on the road. Duncan Woods is an established singer-songwriter in the region, touring regularly through Australia and Europe. Catnip is a more recent project releasing their debut EP in June 2017. Duncan’s sound encompasses a fusion of acoustic groove/reggae/hip-hop sounds which matches the more electric funk sounds of Catnip. The two groups will be presenting a double header bill teaming up with local acts to bring you a full package of entertainment. The high energy sound of both groups are guaranteed to have any crowd dancing and grooving out.

Duncan Woods & The Notable Few: “Beautiful groovers, so ridiculously fun and wild”- Tyrone, National Folk Festival

Catnip: “If The Cat Empire mated with King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard the offspring would closely resemble Catnip.” – Newcastle Herald


Duncan Woods & The Notable Few - Trio