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A Little Province – Friday December 15th from 8.30pm

Originally molded from acoustic folk rock, then crafted into the funnest chunk of prog rock you’ve heard. The sound starts big and seemingly gets bigger. Rhythms are designed for dancing and testing your maths skills with violin soaring amidst the fabric of heavily effected guitar, one angelic singing drummer and a very, very energetic live show. These four Byron Bay lads are now working on their Third recording and are very excited about how it sounds.

Beginning as a three piece with two acoustic guitars (Yose Le Cerf and Josh Tarcar) and a violin (Rohan Orenshaw) this little folk outfit was poetic and warm to the ears. Drums and harmonies gave it a lift with Abe Mac joining the band but only led the sound to a more dance heavy direction. With influences such as Tool, Rage against the machine, Karnivool, Butterfly effect and Cog, it was hard to avoid 8 minute songs, big rock drops, heaps of effects and interesting rhythms. The idea though was to keep it fun and appeal to all ears. When we got our sound man Rhys Edwards to play bass, and front man Josh left the band, the song writing definitely changed and so did the overall sound.

If you haven’t yet seen the live show, you’re likely to see a drumming front man, a hypo bass player, cutting air with his fringe and filling the room with joy, a very handsome and technical guitarist with a very unique style, and you can’t miss their 95 kilo fiddle player with every effect known to earth. Yose and Rohan have been writing together for years and connect like twin zebras. They both, as well as Abe, came from the same surrounds (Bellingen, Valla) and have shared the upbringing of this amazing valley. Rhys, a Sunny Coast dad, after being their helpful Lismore neighbour and sound genius soon became a valid piece of the stew.

” a local band A little province was one to remember- made up of drums, two acoustic guitars, plus violin and vocals. Playing original material they gathered very appreciative crowds that outsized many of the official gigs. ” (Byron Blues Fest)


A Little Province