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Kayso Grande

Kayso Grande – Friday Jan 18th from 8.30pm

Please let us introduce ourselves….

Lead Guitarist JAMES PRYCE DAVIES got chops ferocious enough to bring a smile to Hendrix in heaven and make Angus Young put his shirt back on.

Songstress GEORGIA ROSE has an alluring voice so irrepressible, it’ll make you want start up a forest commune like it’s Nimbin and it’s 1973.

TODD ORCHARD is a stickman who hits the drums so mean, he makes the lightning groove and the thunder roll.

And speaking of weather; NICK O’LOUGHLAN wields a hurricane Hammond with an organ sound so straight-up sick you won’t know whether to say hallelujah or to hit a home run.

The bass lines designed by master LACHLAN ‘Swampdog’ SYMONS set a groove so tight, he’s got his own funk school and he’s the headmaster who gives out the diplomas.