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The Hippy Trippy Show

The Hippy Trippy Show – 

Maybe it’s the outstanding vocal harmonies, or their far out folksy guitar, but Joe & Harmony’s Trippy Hippy Band are renowned for getting their audiences 8 miles high with an authentic recreation of the 60s vibe and their trippy hippy acoustic renditions of music from the revolution.

Joe & Harmony’s Trippy Hippy Band gives their audiences quirky, energetic stage shows, packed with a variety of crowd pleasing songs from the Woodstock generation. Trippy tunes, Simon & Garfunkel standards, and hits from such artists as Bob Dylan, Tiny Tim, The Mamas & The Papas, Buffalo Springfield, Donovan, Joan Baez, John Sebastion….Like wow!

Hey, you want people to be talking about your Love-In for years to come, right? Then you need the right musicians to make sure your happening is hip. You need Joe & Harmony’s Trippy Hippy Band and their music of peace and love. It’ll be outta sight! A real gas!

Hippy Trippy Show